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Use Agreement

The Pasadena Public Library must be given credit as the source of the image when it is used in any publication, media production, web site, or public display. The credit line should read: Courtesy Pasadena Public Library through Pasadena Digital History Collaboration, Pasadena, California.

Images belonging to the Pasadena Public Library may be taken directly from the Library’s or the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration’s website and used without payment of a fee. We do ask for credit as the image source with the credit line: Courtesy Pasadena Public Library through Pasadena Digital History Collaboration, Pasadena, California.

The Library’s physical ownership of the materials in its collection does not imply ownership of copyright. Nor does the payment of any fees to the Library constitute any assertion that the Library possesses any status as a copyright holder. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to resolve any copyright questions pertaining to the use of the reproduced materials.

While the Library strives to make the best quality scan possible, the Library makes no claims for the quality of any of its photos or scans. The Library scans to common Library standards and assumes no obligation to scan to a customer’s specifications.

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